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Chandra Images by Date: 2000
11 Dec 00
A supernova remnant with a newly discovered neutron star 5,000 light years from Earth.
04 Dec 00
A cluster of galaxies with a prominent 'cooling flow'.
09 Nov 00
Chandra Observatory Uncovers Hot Stars In The Making.
08 Nov 00
Chandra Discovers the X-ray Signature of a Powerful Wind from a Galactic Microquasar
08 Nov 00
X-Ray Snapshots Capture the First Cries of Baby Stars
06 Nov 00
Flickering Quasar may help Chandra Measure the Expansion Rate of the universe
06 Nov 00
A galaxy, some 700 million light years away, with a central black hole.
06 Nov 00
A quasar over 3 billion light years from Earth.
03 Nov 00
Gamma Ray Burst observed on December 18, 1999.
18 Oct 00
O-star in the Orion constellation.
26 Sep 00
White dwarf and companion star resolved.
12 Sep 00
Mid-mass black hole found 600 light years from galaxy center.
16 Aug 00
Supperbubbles and black holes in colliding galaxies.
27 Jul 00
X-ray image of cometary atmosphere.
11 Jul 00
X-ray flare from a brown dwarf.
27 Jun 00
Elements mapped in Cas A SNR.
06 Jun 00
X-ray jet extends from active galaxy toward hot spot.
06 Jun 00
Hot bubble imaged in planetary nebula.
06 Jun 00
X-ray image of rings and jets in the compact nebula.
05 Jun 00
X-ray image of large gas cloud near a black hole.
01 Jun 00
Features revealed in the core of the galaxy cluster.
25 May 00
X-ray spectrum probes black hole environs.
17 May 00
X-ray sources in the Hubble Deep Field North.
11 May 00
X-ray image of a young supernova shock wave.
25 Apr 00
Scattering halo of Cygnus X-3 provides new way to measure distance.
10 Apr 00
X-ray,optical,radio composite image of a supernova remnant.
03 Apr 00
Newly discovered powerful X-ray source in a distant galaxy.
20 Mar 00
Image of veiled black hole.
01 Mar 00
A cluster of galaxies in the constellation Corona Borealis.
17 Feb 00
X-ray spectrum of the central region of the galaxy NGC 5548.
14 Jan 00
The nearest starburst galaxy at a distance of 11 million light years from Earth.
14 Jan 00
(Andromeda Galaxy)
Our nearest neighbor spiral galaxy at a distance of two million light years.
14 Jan 00
(Sagittarius A*)
The innermost 10 light years at the center of our galaxy.
14 Jan 00
A supernova remnant in the constellation Tucana.
14 Jan 00
Cluster of young stars in the Orion Nebula.
13 Jan 00
Chandra Image of Deep Field in Canes Venatici