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X-ray Astronomy Field Guide:
Solar System
Chandra Images by Category: Solar System

-Comets and planets

31 Mar 21
The seventh planet from the Sun in our Solar System.
06 Nov 17
The Dynamic Duo: Jupiter's Independently Pulsating X-ray Auroras
14 Sep 16
A dwarf planet in the outer regions of the Solar System.
18 Apr 16
Two comets when they were relatively close to the Earth.
18 Apr 16
Two comets when they were relatively close to the Earth.
22 Mar 16
The fifth planet from the Sun and the largest in our Solar System.
01 Mar 07
Chandra observations of the powerful X-ray auroras near the poles of Jupiter.
28 Dec 05
Auroral X-ray emission observed from Earth s north polar region.
06 Jul 05
Chandra observed Comet Tempel 1 during the collision of NASA's Deep Impact impactor probe
27 Jun 05
Chandra images reveal that the rings of Saturn sparkle in X-rays.
25 May 05
When it comes to mysterious X-rays from Saturn, the ringed planet may act as a mirror.
02 Mar 05
The fifth planet from the Sun, as seen at a distance of about 400 million miles.
05 Apr 04
The shadow of Saturn’s largest moon on the Crab Nebula.
08 Mar 04
The 6th planet from the Sun.
16 Sep 03
Observations of the bright portion of the Moon detected X-rays.
07 Nov 02
This remarkable image gave scientists their first look at X-rays from Mars.
27 Feb 02
The fifth planet away from the Sun, it is the largest planet in our solar system.
29 Nov 01
First X-ray image of Venus shows a half crescent due to the relative orientation of the Sun, Earth and Venus.
27 Jul 00
X-ray image of cometary atmosphere.