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Cosmology/Deep Fields/X-ray Background
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Deep Field, X-ray/Optical
(Credit: NASA/GSFC/R.Mushotzky et al. )

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Deep Field in Canes Venatici:
Chandra Resolves Cosmic X-Ray Glow and Finds Mysterious New Sources

Deep Field in Canes Venatici
Credit: NASA/GSFC (Mushotzky et al.)

Chandra Image of Deep Field in Canes Venatici. This Chandra X-ray Observatory image of a 27.7 hour observation of a region in the direction of the constellation Canes Venatici, close to the Big Dipper, shows about 3 dozen X-ray sources. Some of the sources were too faint to be seen by optical telescopes such as the Hubble Space Telescope and the Keck 10 meter telescope in Hawaii. This new class of sources may represent some of the most distant objects ever detected. If this sample of the sky is typical, tens of millions of such sources must exist.

Fast Facts for Deep Field in Canes Venatici:
Credit  NASA/GSFC (Mushotzky et al.)
Scale  Image is 2.3 arcmin across.
Category  Cosmology/Deep Fields/X-ray Background
Coordinates (J2000)  RA | Dec
Constellation  Canes Venatici
Observation Dates  December 3, 1999
Observation Time  28 hours
Obs. IDs  325
Color Code  Intensity
Instrument  ACIS
Release Date  January 13, 2000