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More Images of NGC 5746
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Simulation of Spiral Galaxy with Hot Halo
This is the final frame of a computer simulation of the formation of a spiral galaxy and hot halo, through collapse of vast amounts of intergalactic gas. In the illustration the colors represent gas temperature, ranging from 10,000 degrees (red) to 10 million degrees (purple) Celsius. The red disk in the middle is the main galaxy (here viewed edge-on) The red blobs around the disk are either small satellite galaxies, or cool gas clouds. The spherical blue cloud is a hot, X-ray emitting halo that will eventually fall into the galaxy as it cools.
(Credit: U. Copenhagen/J.Sommer-Larsen et al.)

Chandra X-ray Image of NGC 5746
Chandra's observation of the hot halo surrounding the optical disk of NGC 5746 should help astronomers better understand how galaxies form. Spiral galaxies are thought to form from enormous clouds of intergalactic gas that collapse to form spinning disks of stars and gas. The Chandra data and computer simulations show that the likely origin of NGC 5746's hot halo is the gradual inflow of intergalactic matter left over from the formation of the galaxy.
(Credit: NASA/CXC/U. Copenhagen/K.Pedersen et al;)

DSS Optical Image of NGC 5746
This image from the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) shows the spiral galaxy NGC 5746 in visible light. The field of view is the same as the Chandra image above.
(Credit: Palomar DSS)

NGC 5746 with Scale Bar

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