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Multiwavelength Composites

Click for large jpg
1. Cas A
Cassiopeia A is the 320 year old remnant of a massive star that exploded.
Cassiopeia A Photo Page

Click for large jpg
2. 3C295
A large galaxy in the center of a cluster of galaxies located in the constellation Boötes.
3C295 Photo Page

Click for large jpg
3. Antennae
Colliding galaxies about 60 million light years from Earth located in the constellation Corvus.
Antennae Photo Page

Click for large jpg
4. Cen A
Centaurus A (NGC 5128) is a radio galaxy in the constellation Centaurus.
Cen A Photo Page

Click for large jpg
5. Eta Carinae
A supermassive star and nebula that is one of the brightest infrared sources in the sky.
Eta Carinae Photo Page

Click for large jpg
6. Hydra A
A cluster of galaxies in the constellation Hydra.
Hydra A Photo Page

Click for large jpg
7. M82
The nearest starburst galaxy at a distance of 11 million light years from Earth.
M82 Photo Page

Click for large jpg
8. N132D
The remnant of an exploded star in the Large Magellanic Cloud.
N132D Photo Page

Click for large jpg
9. Perseus
Central galaxy in the large galaxy cluster Perseus.
Perseus Photo Page

Click for large jpg
10. PKS0637
A luminous quasar in the constellation Mensa so distant that we see it as it was 6 billion years ago.
PKS0637 Photo Page

Click for large jpg
11. PNE
A Planetary Nebula (so called because it looks like a planet when viewed with a small telescope).
PNE Photo Page