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Handouts and Activities

Chandra Infographics pdf & html
Chandra X-ray Observatory printable infographics on Supernovae, Black Hole, the Chandra Spacecraft, Wind, Light and more.
Chandra Image Handouts pdf & html
Chandra X-ray Observatory images with short captions that may be printed on a single page.
Chandra Lithographs pdf
2-sided printable handouts on Supernovae, Galaxy Clusters, the Chandra Spacecraft and more.
Educational Activities pdf & html
Printable, paper-based activities including a Coloring & Activity Book, Trading cards, NASA Great Observatories Paper Models, Supernova lesson plan.
Printable Games pdf & html
Word searches, crossword puzzles, jumbles, mazes and more.
Chandra Fact Sheets pdf & html
Science & technology fact sheets about the Chandra Mission, in our Pressroom.