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Solar System (def.): The Sun together with the group of celestial bodies that are held by its attraction and revolve around it.

One Star, eight planets, and a myriad of moons, comets, and asteroids. This is the Earth's local neighborhood known as the Solar System.

Despite studying this system for centuries, astronomers still yearn to know much more. NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory is providing new insight and uncovering new mysteries about objects of all sizes and across distances throughout our Solar System.  More >

The video with closed-captions (at YouTube)

fiery star outburst in outer space
What We Found When We X-rayed Uranus
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  • Field Guide to the Solar System
    X-radiation from solar system objects provide important information difficult to come by with other telescopes.
  • The Solar System Through Chandra's Eyes
    An interactive piece showing the planets and their orbits with X-ray observations.
  • Infographic
    The Sun’s hot outer atmosphere produces X-rays, but because it is so close, it is too bright for Chandra’s sensitive eyes.
  • Solar System Q&A
    Questions and answers on the solar system from our web site