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Stellar Cycles Post Assessment Activity

The Stellar Cycles performance task includes the scenerio and task description, a set of images to be placed in order, a scoring rubric, and answer key. The image set includes images appropriate for general or middle level students and for more advanced or high school students. This activity is constructed as an assessment tool to be used after the topic of stellar evolution has been presented in the classroom. The Introduction and Background for stellar evolution provides the necessary content to use the image set. The Cosmic Connection activity is similar to this activity; however uses a different set of images. That activity can also be used as a learning tool, and followed by the Stellar Cycle image set as an assessment. Another option is for the students to use the Cosmic Webquest and/or the Interactive Guide to Stellar Evolution internet versions to learn about the stages of stellar evolution. The Teacher Guide and Answer Key gives suggestions for using the Stellar Cycles assessment activity.

Educators: Please note, the card sets for the Stellar Cycles module are available by request.