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Stellar Cycles Post Assessment Activity - Task Description

In Earth Science class, you studied how stars form in stellar nurseries and evolve into white dwarfs, neutron stars, pulsars, black holes and supernovae remnants. The classroom assignment for stellar evolution was a project that consisted of an oral presentation, and a portfolio of supporting materials on the evolutionary tracks of mid-sized stars, including Type Ia supernovae events, and massive stars. For the project, you had searched the internet and downloaded several images representing the different stages of evolution for mid-sized and massive stars, and written a brief description for each stage. Your younger sister was fascinated by the beautiful images, and asked her teacher if you could present your project in her 8th grade class. The teacher agreed, and set a date for you to talk about the lives of stars for your sister's 8th grade class.

On the day of your presentation, you grab your portfolio and go to the 8th grade classroom during lunch break so you will have time to review the images and descriptions. It has been two weeks since you presented your project in class. When you open your portfolio, you discover to your horror that the images are all out of sequence, and the descriptions of the images are missing! Your sister must have been looking through the images and gotten them out of sequence - and forgot to put the descriptions back in the portfolio.

Your Task: You still have two hours before the presentation. Put the images in order to show the evolutionary stages for mid-sized and massive stars, and write a brief description for each image.