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Press Room
Current press releases, image releases and other press related resources concerning the Chandra X-ray Observatory.
Recent Press Releases
Finding Chandra Press Releases, Reports and Advisories
Chandra images by date
Press Releases by Date
All Chandra images released to the public listed in chronological order from First Light to the present.
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Chandra images by category
Press Releases by Category
All Chandra images released to the public listed according to categories. A full text list is also available.
Status Reports
Status Reports
Current reports include information on the well-being of the spacecraft, planned observations, targets of opportunity and recent real-time activities.
Press Advisories
Press Advisories
Notices and announcements regarding the Chandra mission.
Image Releases
Image Releases
Latest images released from the Chandra X-ray Observatory.
Press Resources
News Release Guidelines
News Release Guidelines
Guidelines for scientists for the preparation and dissemination of press releases.
Image Use Policy
Image Use Policy
Guidelines for utilizing images, applets, movies and animations featured in this Web site.
Links to real-time coverage of NASA activities, missions & resource video.
Interviews and Biographies
Interviews & Biographies
Biographies and other information on Chandra project members.
Additional Resources
Chandra Animation & Video
Chandra Illustrations & Schematics
First Light Press Kit (archive)
Early Mission Fact Sheet (archive)
If you are a member of the media and need any additional information or graphics, please contact the CXC Press Officer: Megan Watzke,
Chandra Status
A Chandra image release was issued on July 11 describing new images combining data from Chandra and Webb telescopes. More
Chandra Blog
Chandra at NASA
Visit the Chandra pages at the NASA portal.
Image Use
Image Use Policy

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