MSH 15-52

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MSH 15-52: The remains of a supernova in our galaxy.
(Credit: NASA/SAO/NCSU/Borkowski et al.)

Caption: Astronomers have captured the movement of the expanding remains of an exploded star. Chandra data taken over 14 years show a blast wave and debris moving away from the site of the explosion. The main graphic presents the entire hand-shaped nebula observed by Chandra, which was produced by the pulsar left behind after the explosion. The inset highlights movement in the explosion's blast wave in a region located near one of the "fingertips". Astronomers estimate that it has slowed down from the initial explosion after striking a neighboring gas cloud, but is still moving at nearly 9 million miles per hour.

Scale: The image is about 6.64 arcmin (33 light years) across.

Chandra X-ray Observatory ACIS Image

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