IC 443

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IC 443: A supernova remnant located about 5,000 light years from Earth
(Credit: IC443 Simulation: INAF/S. Ustamujic et al.; X-ray data: NASA/CXC/MSFC/D.Swartz et al.; VR model: NASA/CXC/Brown Univ./A.Dupuis et al. )

Caption: A new model of the IC 443 supernova remnant is part of a collection of 3D objects from Chandra now available on a platform from the Smithsonian Institution called Voyager, which enables datasets to be used as tools for learning and discovery. A version of IC 443 data in 3D that has been optimized for virtual reality shows the blast wave of the explosion (bright blue) as well as the outer layers of the star (reds and oranges). In the center, Chandra's data reveal a nebula of particles and energy around the neutron star (cyan), the dense object left behind after the star collapsed.

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