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Match the Chandra Images
How to Play the Game:
  • Figure out which images are featured in the Chandra collage shown on the game page (it will launch in a new window).
  • Correctly fill in the form on the game page, assigning the appropriate box (A1, A2, A3, etc) to the object name listed.
  • There are more than 35 objects listed in the form; not all will be used.
  • When you're ready to see how you did, press "Match Images". The correct answers will be shown.
Image Grid
Chandra Collage

All of the Chandra images included in this game can be found within the pages of the Chandra Photo Album. Most of the images in the collage are the primary image featured in the photo album page, but some can be found on the "More Images" pages within the object's section. Some of these images have been rotated to the left or right to fit in the collage better. A few of these images are multi-wavelength composites featuring Chandra data as well as data from other telescopes.

Play the game!  (game will launch in a new window)