Intrepid Meets the Enterprise

Last week, the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum welcomed a very unusual guest (who will be staying quite a while): the Space Shuttle Enterprise. The Intrepid, which is located on the Hudson River in New York City, will be the Enterprise's new home now that the Shuttle program has officially ended.


To help celebrate this exciting event, NASA and others joined the Intrepid in a multi-day welcoming ceremony. There were many NASA dignitaries and former astronauts in attendance, including NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. Other members of the NASA family were also asked to participate including Chandra.
We were delighted to bring some X-ray astrophysics to the public as part of the event. (After all, Chandra is forever linked to the Shuttle program because of our launch 13 years ago aboard Space Shuttle Columbia.)


These photos show some of the activity around the Chandra booth, which featured our "Jelly Bean Universe" that helps people learn about the composition of our Universe. It was a great time for everyone and we are glad that the Enterprise has safely landed in a place where so many people will be able to explore and enjoy this remarkable piece of NASA engineering and technology.

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