Coloring Space

Most of us are introduced to the term "color" when we are children. It invokes thoughts of creativity, originality, and expression. "Color" also has meaning in the realm of science. The spectrum of light that we can detect with the human eye can be broken into various colors from red to green to violet.

In astronomy, these "colors" can be extended far beyond the range we can see. Through telescopes and detectors, we can "see" from radio waves to X-rays and everything in between.

This piece is intended to provoke thought about how the two realms of color – in art and in space – intersect and diverge. It explores the similarities of how these different types of images are made, as well as discusses the ways in which they differ. We invite you to explore these images and what they represent both on their own and when presented as a comparison (or contrast?) to another in a separate field.

Jupiter Our Sun Omega Centauri Sombrero Galaxy Cosmic Microwave Background