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Recent Podcast
A Quick Look at the Sagittarius A* Black Hole Swarm
A Quick Look at the Sagittarius A* Black Hole Swarm
Astronomers have found evidence for a new bounty of black holes at the center of the Milky Way. (2018-05-09)
Podcasts: Quick Look

Short "bullet" format podcasts.

A Quick Look at Cassiopeia A Elements (12-13-2017)
Where do most of the elements essential for life on Earth come from? The answer: inside the furnaces of stars and the explosions that mark the end of some stars’ lives.

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--  Chandra Reveals the Elementary Nature of Cassiopeia A

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A Quick Look at Jupiter's Auroras (11-07-2017)
A new study using Chandra and XMM-Newton data reveals that the auroras at Jupiter’s poles behave independently.

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--  The Dynamic Duo: Jupiter's Independently Pulsating X-ray Auroras

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A Quick Look at J140737 and J122104 (10-05-2017)
Astronomers have found five new supermassive black holes in the centers of galaxies.

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--  Seeing Double: Scientists Find Elusive Giant Black Hole Pairs

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A Quick Look at V745 SCO (09-19-2017)
An orbiting red giant and white dwarf star system located about 25,000 light years from Earth.

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--  V745 Sco: Two Stars, Three Dimensions, and Oodles of Energy

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A Quick Look at GJ 176 (09-06-2017)
A new study using data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and ESA’s XMM-Newton suggests X-rays emitted by a planet’s host star may provide critical clues to how hospitable a star system could be.

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--  X-rays Reveal Temperament of Possible Planet-hosting Stars

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