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A Quick Look at Archival Images
A Quick Look at Archival Images
A collection of images including Chandra data that range in object type and distance. (2018-12-17)
Podcasts: Quick Look

Short "bullet" format podcasts.

A Quick Look at Ring Galaxy AM 0644-741 (09-06-2018)
Astronomers have used NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory to discover a ring of black holes or neutron stars in a galaxy 300 million light years from Earth.

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--  AM 0644-741: Cosmic Collision Forges Galactic One Ring -- in X-rays

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A Quick Look at COSMOS Legacy Survey (08-09-2018)
These Chandra data have provided strong evidence for the existence of so-called intermediate-mass black holes (IMBHs).

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--  Finding the Happy Medium of Black Holes

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A Quick Look at RW Aur A (07-18-2018)
Chandra data indicates that a young star has likely destroyed and consumed an infant planet.

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--  Chandra May Have First Evidence of a Young Star Devouring a Planet

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A Quick Look at the Eagle Nebula (M16) (07-12-2018)
Using Chandra, researchers detected over 1,700 individual sources of X-rays in the Eagle Nebula.

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--  The Eagle Nebula (M16): "X"-ploring the Eagle Nebula and "Pillars of Creation"

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A Quick Look at Mrk 1216 (06-21-2018)
Astronomers using Chandra found that black holes may have squelched star formation in small, yet massive galaxies known as "red nuggets".

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--  'Red Nuggets' are Galactic Gold for Astronomers

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