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N132D in Context

X-ray of N132D
X-ray image of N132D

X-ray of Cas A
X-ray image of Cas A
N132D is similar in many ways to an older, much larger version of the Cas A supernova remnant. It has a complex shell-like structure that is caused by the expansion of a supersonic shock wave into surrounding material. Both remnants were probably produced by the explosion of a star that was 10 to 20 times more massive than the Sun. The N132D remnant contains about 50 times more material than Cas A, and its X-ray power is about 10 times greater. The temperature of its hot gas is about 5 times lower, however. These differences are likely due to the older age of N132D and the fact that N132D is expanding into a more dense environment than Cas A.

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